Been a little busy lately and just keep meaning to post and not getting around to it....Anyway, this weekend I am going to try to get some houses up in the shop, so that should be fun!
Have a great weekend!

Beautiful Intersections

It seems to me that lately we have been going through a lot of intersections in our life. Sometimes smoothly through on a green, sometimes tenatively on a changing yellow...and sometimes there is a brilliant red pause. I love the work of Grant Haffner for just that reason. There is a calm contemplation in some of his pieces, and bright flurries in others....I found his work on Leah Giberson's blog. I feel like her work appeals to me in the same way- still, contemplative, but also clear and somehow optimistic in its simplicity.

I love looking at her work in our home- maybe because I have always loved buildings, but also because it is like an emotional time-out, which we all need as we speed through life....

perfect lampshade

Is this just beautiful? Made from vintage 70's French wallpaper and repurposed into great pieces like this shade. You have to check out this Italian shop drawflowers on it all!

Friday Afternoon Fix

Happy Friday! Sometimes it is hard to get down to hard work decisions or fine design details on a Friday afternoon.....the thought of all the relaxation that awaits can overpower. What to do? Take a little break- 30 minutes to recharge!
For me, that means a cup of delicious Cardamom Tea and some time to write a note. And how much more enjoyable is it when you have a wonderful stamp to put on the envelope!!! This past Tuesday, I was at the post office mailing a house and needed some new stamps....I asked if they had any of the Flags of the States series left, but she said no- not since the postage went up....So I asked what they had...and there was the usual flag stamp. "um....anything else back there?"..."Well, we have these now...." and she placed these wonderful pieces of illustration on the counter. "Yes, please!"...

(recipe is traditional Indian tea- this recipe is for two cups)
1 cup water
1 cup milk
2 tbsp black Assam tea
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp chai masala
1/2 tsp ground cardamom

In a saucepan, bring the water and tea to a rolling boil. Add the milk, sugar and spices- stir and then let simmer. When it is almost done, the tea will start to rise in a puff up towards the edge of the pan- the trick is to let it get as close to the top without overflowing- then it is ready!
Remove from heat and pour through little mesh sieve into cups and serve.

Great Weekend!

What a fun weekend this was. Not too much in the way of travel or big deals going down...more a fun time of relaxation. Some highlights: got to bake, did some knitting, took a friend around town to see some old Neutra, Schindler and Ain houses, went to Heath Ceramics (which is where I got my Mother's Day gifts- hooray!), visited with some old friends, and saw Twilight and The Notebook for the first time- two different types of love stories- both great! Put Twilight in my "guility pleasures" file along with Hall & Oates and John Mayer...
Hope you all had a great weekend too!!!!

Henry Road Sale

Happy Friday to you!
It is a happy day for me....I just shopped the online (and brick & mortar) sale that is going on- for 3 more days- at Henry Road. If you want awesome goods, locally made, at a great deal- this is it! I missed the sale last time around and told myself "not this time!"....

They have great fabrics, all original designs, and a wonderful, optimistic sensibility. Times are tight, but you can splurge when there are deals this good to be had. Enjoy!!!

Weekend in the country

This past weekend, we were in Sonoma with friends and it was amazing. It was cloudy, a little rainy, some sun- beautiful green land and lichen...great food and friends- just wonderful and relaxing. We missed our little boy, but he had fun with the grandparents...

Heath Ceramics Studio Sale this weekend!

So I am heading out of town for the the weekend, but I am so sad that I will be missing the annual studio sale at the Heath Ceramics studio and store on Beverly....There are great activities planned for Saturday and Sunday (and early bird sale starts today!)....check it out if you have time!