tiny prints holidays

For the last year or so, we have been happily working with tiny prints on everyday baby announcements, wedding invites and now Holiday cards! If you are looking for great quality & prices, tp is the way to go....check out some of our designs here. (p.s.: If we know you personally, there is a chance that your name may show up on a sample design image, now and then!)

b(re)aking all the rules

so, I don't think it's wrong, or even particularly weird.....but I made chocolate chip cookies with almonds today, not raisins (which I am not crazy about anyway) or the usual walnuts....
I am not sure if it is common and I am just unaware (which wouldn't surprise me), but it is great! A little more crunchy than soft, and also a little saltier (using dry-roasted almonds- be careful with them....)

New sofa pillows!

We have been wanting some new pillows for our sofa for awhile. Finally, the man came around to the idea and so we looked for a bit.....until we found these great pillow covers from kalla design. Hitomi is in Japan and her hand-screening of these designs is amazing....we are so glad to have them! We love knowing where they came from and who made them, a little history while we nap!

studio shots

Here are some shots I took last week, around the studio. We are busy bees trying to get all the Holiday goods out and start on the new spring stuff (so hard to think about when it is just finally starting to feel like Fall!)....