simple, perfect evening

Memorial Day weekend is full of plans and parties, sometimes so many it seems like too much. You just want to stay home in the hammock. But spending time with friends is one of the best things in life, I think. Good friends had a get together recently that was wonderfully easy and effortless- despite the hostess' impending due date! Style, grace and laughter made the night one that I'll remember for a long while...

Night Lights

Last week, I had drinks after work with A at LACMA and I was able to see this art installation in person. Artist Chris Burden restored over 200 lamp posts and they have been creating luminary magic for patrons and passersby ever since. For reference they have been in films like that other Natalie Portman movie, where they were the pivotal spot for a romantic confession. And, in a confession of my own, I have to admit that it is a truly engaging space to move through- like a forest of light in the middle of the city. And we weren't alone- there were at least two couples getting engagement photos taken- just saying.

Cleaning Thrift Art

Oh, the treasures that can be found at Salvation Army....Love it! I found this simple, but sweet, vintage painting...unfortunately, it's previous life was in a smokier home than ours. What to do? I was not sure how to clean away the brown haze that years of tobacco smoke had left. But never fear!!! Laure had a great idea- Magic Eraser! Apparently approved for vintage pieces, like Nelson pendants, that have also escaped the flames, but not the smoke. So last weekend, I broke out the cleaning supplies (damp magic eraser & dry paper towel) and engaged in an intense 3 minutes of cleaning- the result was amazing!!! I wish I had taken a before photo, but people look at the sponge and towel- they give you an idea. So now you know! Don't be afraid of a little smoky haze.... (disclaimer: the painting was not expensive or of personal significance, so I took the chance. If you are looking at cleaning a more important piece, consult a professional!)