Happy Easter

I hope that you all had a great Easter! Christ is risen indeed! We were more home-bound than planned, as Manish was sick all weekend. But the upside was a great day in the kitchen and wonderful church services.....
(in case you are wondering what has his attention so fixed, it is our favorite 4-year old Canadian, Caillou....)

Backyard days

The weather has been warm and amazing the last few days. We joke that if summer was like this we cut handle it....ahhhh, but for now we are just enjoying the relaxing time.

Spring Cleaning...

Yes, it's true! I have restocked Industrious Lily with lots of spring goods. This is due mostly in part to the major cleaning efforts at the studio- whew! So enjoy the benefits of the organization efforts...Happy Spring everyone!

print fun!

Finally printed out some more of the posters that I designed last fall- hooray! If you are looking for fun, colorful pieces- these fit the bill. They should be up on Etsy in the next day or two....Fun times!!!

Get these now!

I have been meaning to post about Jill's journals since I bought them at Target like 2 weeks ago- argh! Anyway, they are awesome! For her sake, I hope that they are all sold out, every last one...but for your sake, I hope there are a couple left under all the Hello Kitty and Transformers folders in the notebook aisle.
(super-awesome poppies! Laure's post today reminded me of these- spring beauties!)

Jill's journals are a staple in my paper collection and have been for years, so I wasn't sure how the big box versions would be, but they are super great! The line work is beautifuland the grid paper is great- get's me planning. Hooray!!!! Perfect for gifts (or keeping) or both!(super nifty grids- already in use)

So now you have an excuse to wander down the paper aisle next time you are shopping at the bullseye. And if you aren't familiar with Jill's work, it is really beautiful and her blog is a great mix of everyday living, artistic inspiration and interesting ideas....

Succulent Ups and Downs

Ok, so I love my little succulents, and thought I'm no expert, I have enjoyed them in our home for years without killing (all) of them. But now, we are planting them outside, working with cuttings and doing more arrangements as well. So, the limitations of my (super-minimal) skills are beginning to show. So help me if you can!!!!

Question 1: Why did my little cutting die? Two lived and flourished, one totally collapsed (below, on right)- thoughts?Question 2: What do you plant indoor succulents in, material-wise, potting soil or mulch or both? Rocks on top or no? Holes for drainage (are those really necessary)?Thanks for your help! Hopefully these guys will make it. Their predecessors just got planted outside, so something is going right.....Happy planting, everyone! (more to come on outdoor planting adventures soon!)

paper days

It is nice to have a "real" job- for sure. I love it and I am thankful to be able to help pay the bills. But sometimes I miss the world of paper and patterns.....

Mt. Washington

So, is it a little sad that I have lived in LA for almost 12 years now (how is that even possible?) and I just visited Mt. Washington for the first time last week? Even more weird, when you consider that my commute takes me right by it on the 110 four days a week. Anyway, enough self-bullying. I have been there and I will return! It was beautiful, quiet, winding and has amazing views. Love the nature surrounding the homes (especially my friend's place)...like a getaway from all the hustle. So, now I know (yep, late to the game for sure).

Book Probation

Argh! Too many books!!! Am I the only person with this problem? I mean, I am pretty sure that there are lots of book hoarders out there, but how many of them are in their 30's? I picture more professorial types.....But really, books (especially old ones) are beautiful. They were made in a time when the printed word was a primary source of information and entertainment. And maybe that's the printer side of me- that I love these books so much, their spines, covers, illustrations.....love it all! And what if there is like a cultural meltdown someday and I have to rely on our own library to educate our family? (ok, not a likely scenario but still...... who can resist Shakespeare or Melville?)....But it has gone too far ("LOGIC MACHINES & DIAGRAMS", anyone?). Now I am on book probation for the near future. (past probations include pottery, plate sets, vases and danish modern credenzas) But that's ok, there are lots of other things to do- like knit a blanket or start playing guitar (again).