Hello all! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend celebrating our nation's independence! We had a great time. We have had some of our good friends staying with us and the time has flown by (boo!). One of the highlights for our Fourth of July was the local parade. Wonderful!!!! Our little city of Sierra Madre goes all out for the weekend and the parade is no exception. I literally cannot post all the shots I took of the parade and couldn't choose favorites, so I settled on the John Deere tractor above (which was one of like 20!)- wonderful! Highlights of the parade included: classic cars carrying various mayors, city council members and (my favorite) Hometown Hero, a giant inflated triceratops, marching bands, the Flintstone mobile, military trucks and soldiers, at least two All-Star Little League champion teams, a belly dancer dressed as Lady Liberty, the Shriners and their awesome mini mobiles, many many fire trucks, local cheer squad, the Peace Corps, many Ford Model T's and a pack-horse train.....I think that was it. Did I miss anything else?
Anyhoo, it was wonderful! God Bless America!