This Bungalow Life

Hi all! In case you were wondering where I have been, we have been working away on our new house- fun! And.....we're keeping updates posted on it at our little house blog, This Bungalow Life. It will be full of all the fun and goodness and, probably, a little fatigue that will come with this home renovation....We are thankful to be blessed with this gift and want to share...

A (new) place to call home

Well, after weeks of keeping our mouths closed and praying alot, we finally closed escrow on our first house last Thursday! We are beyond excited and I can't say how much this means to us, seeing how far God has brought us from where we were this time 3 years ago. Those of you who know us, know the journey that we have had with Manish's cancer and it is just so amazing to see the Lord provide for us in such amazing ways over the years- through His love, encouragement, gifts and especially though the amazing friends and family that He has surrounded us with. Thanks to all of you who mean so much to us and have been and continue to be Christ to us. We love you!!!

Is it July?

I love flowers...and I really, really love peonies.....especially when they get huge and fragrant. Have a happy Friday, friends!!!
Summer cards to post soon- fun!

Dream Car

Today I saw my dream car in person. I have loved the Volvo 1800 Sport since I first saw one in 7th grade. Every morning, as I walked to my bus stop, I saw a cream sports coupe with leather interiors and I had never "loved" a car before that...but from that moment on I knew. I would dream of someday being an architect and driving around to meet clients in that car. Well, much of my life has been a dream come true, but this car is still elusive. I have talked with my husband about it over the years, saying I would love one in a warm french grey. Well, this morning we walked out of a meeting and there it was.....just as beautiful as I imagined it would be in person. Thankfully, he reminded me to take a picture.

Clear New Day

Wow, again it has been soooo long since I have blogged. I am turning a new leaf cliche, right? But I have come to a point where I want to live in the day, in the moment where life is happening- in the Lord's hands. We have been thinking about lots of exciting things lately, like trying to buy a home, thinking of when we will try for another little one....lots on our minds.
Sometimes, you just need to relax and listen. "Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10)

So I will be here, and maybe some of you are still reading and we can connect again! Let's see what each day has. (image from here)

Spring Awakening!

I am back! Where have I been???? Really, November was my last post...really??? That's beyond ridiculous. period. no good excuses here. Just kind of working too much and not a lot of creative energy to put into the blog for a bit. All is well here and I intend to blog like it is, too!

Some of you may ask what could rouse me from a cozy winter slumber of non-blogging? Maybe the warmer weather, the clear(er) days...the promise of color and summer soon? yes, well, sort of....more like some good, colorful quilts and dresses...
just a little Liberty to wake me up!!!!