do you do this?

I make lists of songs while I am working on my computer...If I hear something I like, I write it down quick....that way I can avoid the blank mind that can happen when Manish says "should we get some songs on iTunes today?"

I have changed...

First of all, let me say that I know I am very late to the gardening bandwagon...or not even gardening, really, but keeping plants alive in your home..on purpose. My friend and roommate in college, Laurie, was always a plant lover....cared deeply for them- watered them, pruned them..talked to them (maybe?), was horrified and near tears when a rat caused near-fatal carnage to a small aloe plant. I was never that way...I was cut flowers type of girl. I liked the ease of picking them up and appreciating them in their prime- decorating with them, smelling them...and them tossing them out when they withered away....
And now, something strange has happened. I just had a list of ways to perk up the apartment and getting some small low-maintenance plants just happened to be on that list. Well, I eventually got three little plants- one for the bathroom, one for our room, and one for Dillan's room....
(meet the gang below)

Somehow, these little plants have inserted themselves not only into out living environment, but also in my heart- what??? How??? I don't know, but they're cute, they make me happy, they grow and they live for so long- if you water them and give them some love and sunshine....Wow! Who knew...all these years later, I know what Laurie was talking about...and you can change, sometimes without even intending to.

Gocco Fun!

Just wanted to let you know about a little post I did over on the PoppyTalk Handmade Artists blog. If you haven't had the chance to read it yet, it is a great little spot to learn more from some really great independent artists and check it out!

My post was on Fun with Gocco! Just a little peak into what I do at work- fun!!
Have a great afternoon...

We're Still In It!!!!

So I am super excited to say that we have made it to the next round of Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2009 Showdown- yay!!!!

Our apartment is called "Emily's Courtyard Musical"...

Now we need your VOTE!!!! So please check out the voting page here and then tell your friends, family, coworkers, fellow get the idea!!!

1.Each person can only vote once, and
2.the voting is only open for 24 hours- so spread the word quickly.....

And, again, we couldn't have made it this far without your support, so keep it up and we'll see how far we can go- yay!!!!!

new tote

Last week I was shopping for something for a friend and the budget was tight, so I was at Target looking around....That's when I saw something I just wanted to so bad. Does that happen to you? You know you should be looking for someone else, but you are just so stoked that you found something when you weren't expecting to. So that is how it was with this new tote.
However, let me say, that this purchase was not without some internal conflict. First, it is mass-produced overseas. That is not great. I really want to buy from people and companies that I know and want to support. Next dilemna- this bag bears an uncanny resemblance to Hable Construction's Tote No. 5. That is also a problem...I love Hable- I own, well, more than one of their bags- we'll just leave it at that. So I feel like "argh! don't get this bag...just save up for another "real" bag)...But, the No. 5 is not currently available (just checked)

And this bag was cute- it's pattern was lovely- the color, well that's what sold me- the vermillion orange-red is awesome. Oh, and did I mention that it was on sale for $9.99- yeah, so basically I got it and am still saving for a real tote soon....


There are 18 winners for my first giveaway! Thanks for the great comments and there will be more giveaways soon....
Okay, so here are the names of the winners:

Molly W.
Sarah S
Candied Fabrics
Miss Reglisse (Lola)
julie gravelle

Please email me at: emily (underscore) desai at hotmail dot com, with your mailing address and we will get the goodies out in the next week. Thanks again!!!!

new spring crop

Okay, so I would love to farm- on a small scale- with lots of herbs and vegetables and flowers. But living in an apartment leaves a little to be desired in the land part of the "tilling the land" equation. I have contemplated a raised garden, and may still do that, but for now- I will just harvest some handmade tomatoes..courtesy of the patterns featured a while back in Martha Stewart Living....They are fun and easy and make happy additions to many spots in the home...And they are a great use of smaller pieces of fabric scraps that you may have around-try harvesting some of your own!

Happy Easter

Hello friends!
Just a post to say Happy Easter- He is Risen! I am thankful to be able to spend this weekend with my family and I hope that you are all able to celebrate the new life and hope we all have in Him!
(image is from molly's blog- somewhere in Ireland....)

VOTE NOW for our place on Apartment Therapy!

Hi All!
Our apartment is up for votes on Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2009 home competion...So if you get a chance please vote for for it!!!! Voting is only open for 48 hours, so the sooner the better!! Thanks a million! Pass it on...

Vintage Saturday: Yellow

I try to get out at least once a week to go thrifting. Usually it is just one or two spots here in Pasadena, and sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't find a thing....But you know what? I like to get out there and just look, no matter what I come home with. I was recently on thrift "probation" after I came home with three different sets of plates in one weekend...hmmm...

This last weekend, I was happy with the finds that I came home with. And it also fell in line with a strange habit I have of ending up with a whole little set of items in the same color story without meaning to at just happens. So this time it was yellow, I think, and I also love the economics of vintage goods, too.....I found a creamer, gravy boat, classic mid-century pot, 2 melmac-style cups, and my favorite- two vintage tea cups and a saucer marker "AZTEC Johnson Bros"...I looked all over and can't find any info on them....I just wonder how old they are? They seem like 20's or 30's....Anyway, now I need to find some room for them all....oh yeah, and all that for under $9!

sugar hill

Doesn't this just look like a dream? My good friend Molly has this great blog where she posts her photos and thoughts while she is living in Ireland and traveling a bit. This is a photo of her little girl in the spring grass and flowers of Limerick.

These photos so remind me of when I lived in Paris and I just love it....Some of her prints are available on check them out. And be sure to keep up with her posts, too..

Sunday Baking: Brownies

I was feeling the need for a good brownie this weekend, especially after I saw a post about it over at Bash!....I don't have the BAKED cookbook yet (it's still in the shopping cart) and so I decided to go with the Perfect Brownies recipe from Martha Stewart... I have to be honest, the only thing I really stick to on that recipe, though, are the ingredients- everything else I have mixed up.

Here is how I do it: Melt chocolate and butter together, add brown sugar, wait until cool, add eggs (use all 3), beat until smooth, add flour and baking powder- mix until just combined- pour in 9x9 greased+floured pan, bake for 45 minutes....though I start checking at 40 minutes and try not to overcook it. Here is the important part- just like the other BAKED and Bash! comments- you have to let the brownies sit for a good amount of time (I baked the brownies Saturday evening and cut them Sunday requires patience, but it is worth it! CAUTION: These brownies are so rich that you really can't have more than like a 1 1/2" x 2" piece in a sitting- and I love sweets, so that says something..And, yeah, no nuts in my brownies either!

what cuteness is this???

Okay, so weekends are made for baking- just like the weekdays are made for workin'....And look what I saw on Etsy today- ooooooooooohhhhh- I love these!!!!

Molly, if you are reading this, think of all the themed photos and parties you could have with these amazing cupcake holders. I found them on LayerCakeShop's Etsy shop......I just can't wait to get some....I just have to narrow down my selections, because there ain't no way in heck that I can rationalize ordering over 500 cupcake liners, which is where I am right now.....hmmmm......enjoy!

oh, i want them....

So this is the end of a week full of protein and self-restraint.....and I want a cupcake! Specifically the Sprinkles chocolate cupcake with vanilla bean frosting covered in chocolate sprinkles....soon you will be mine!

New Houses up in the shop!

Happy times! I have just finished a few houses and put them up in the shop....What is fun now is that I am going to try to start working with more colors for the glazes. I will keep you all posted! Also, I have tried my hand at little bowls, which are really fun!

love these happy shelves

I was puttering around online last night and saw these great shelves on athomeathome. The colors and the clean lines make me want to do a little project, but not a lot of time for that right now....and no room, either....but fun!

fun with glitter

So, I love Michael's- it's a guilty pleasure- I clip my coupon for 40% off any one item, head on over and decide what to add to my craft arsenal. After some deliberation and several weeks of coupon trips, I accumulated a nice little glitter and stamp collection from the Martha Stewart Crafts line....I was unsure of how it would work out, but this is my first little attempt. I letterpressed small 4-bar cards and added my monogram in glitter to some...I think that I will be doing more of this when I have more time!