sweet tangerine marmalade

I have always been a jelly or jam person (or nutella?), but haven't really spent much time with marmalades. Not sure why- they just seemed less exciting to me. Well, I have been missing out! Since we moved to Sierra Madre, we have been to our local jamery (?), E Waldo Ward, several times. There are so many things that I like from there, like their Quince Jelly and Cinnamon Apple Syrup.....but this Tangerine Marmalade is like a fresh burst in your mouth. Just so sweet and bright. If you are ever in Sierra Madre, you have to check out Wards- it is so worth it. I think I will do a little post on them later.....

Where have I been?

Good night! I have been off the reservation for months. Well, I have been blogging, but mostly about work, where I have been busy designing under wraps for the past year. But now, all is out and open and so I can show you. We just officially launched the website this past weekend and it has been a great to finally be able to talk and share all about the fun things that I have been able to work on. It is good to be back!!!