New sofa pillows!

We have been wanting some new pillows for our sofa for awhile. Finally, the man came around to the idea and so we looked for a bit.....until we found these great pillow covers from kalla design. Hitomi is in Japan and her hand-screening of these designs is amazing....we are so glad to have them! We love knowing where they came from and who made them, a little history while we nap!


  1. I like! You two are very intentional with your space you live in, and you make a good team. I'm glad he came round with the pillows!
    I'm also proud that I'm commenting for the first time on your blog (even though I've read it all), and before our faithful friend Molly! :)

  2. I'm giggling at Katie's comment. :) GREAT pillows! So so very Desai. :)