Dream Car

Today I saw my dream car in person. I have loved the Volvo 1800 Sport since I first saw one in 7th grade. Every morning, as I walked to my bus stop, I saw a cream sports coupe with leather interiors and I had never "loved" a car before that...but from that moment on I knew. I would dream of someday being an architect and driving around to meet clients in that car. Well, much of my life has been a dream come true, but this car is still elusive. I have talked with my husband about it over the years, saying I would love one in a warm french grey. Well, this morning we walked out of a meeting and there it was.....just as beautiful as I imagined it would be in person. Thankfully, he reminded me to take a picture.


  1. Love it! You need a best girlfriend in the passenger seat:)

  2. Ooo, did he say you could get one since it looks so pretty in person? :)