Succulent Ups and Downs

Ok, so I love my little succulents, and thought I'm no expert, I have enjoyed them in our home for years without killing (all) of them. But now, we are planting them outside, working with cuttings and doing more arrangements as well. So, the limitations of my (super-minimal) skills are beginning to show. So help me if you can!!!!

Question 1: Why did my little cutting die? Two lived and flourished, one totally collapsed (below, on right)- thoughts?Question 2: What do you plant indoor succulents in, material-wise, potting soil or mulch or both? Rocks on top or no? Holes for drainage (are those really necessary)?Thanks for your help! Hopefully these guys will make it. Their predecessors just got planted outside, so something is going right.....Happy planting, everyone! (more to come on outdoor planting adventures soon!)

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