Portland Days

I try to get away every November to do something fun and relaxing that isn't 100% related to work...just for a little break. A couple weeks ago, I went back to Portland to stay with my friend Jill...It was great, as always! I love going there- a little rain, some clouds, also some sun... some hail, too! We went all over town, to some shops (see Ink & Peat below) and, of course, lots of food- yum. This year, we had two goals- first was to use some of Jill's home-grown veggies to make pumpkin muffins and an amazing gratin with yams and Swiss Chard. The second goal was to see "The Nature"- that is a whole separate post, because it was so beautiful and amazing. I had a great time and love love love the Northwest- thanks Jill, as always, for making it great.